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Silicone Doll Art Gallery


By Artist: Vee (Vanessa Lee)

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"My name is Vee , and I'm a Black/ African American Silicone Doll Artist.  Being an Artist is the Greatest Profession in the World to me"



Vanessa “Vee” Lee is a Doll Artist currently residing in Lancaster, PA with her husband and children.  She is an avid doll collector and lover of all doll styles.

Vanessa "Vee" grew up very poor in a small town (Barberton, Ohio), as one of five children. 

As a child, her mother and teachers allowed her to freely express herself artistically and with very little limitation or restrictions on her imagination.  Vee loves to draw, sketch, paint, play the oboe and write stories


As far back as Vee could remember, she's loved dolls. Any time she was sad, scared, or just feeling down, there was always a doll there to comfort her. 


When she became an adult, Vee focused more towards academics and earned a Doctorate Degree in Counseling, while enjoying dolls as a collector, and art as a hobby.  However; in 2012, she happen to stumble into a Doll Art Gallery in Lancaster, Pennsylvania that was owned by renown  Artist "Mark Dennis". He agreed to teach "Vee" to sculpt and to create her own doll designs. Afterwards, she taught herself to mold....and is currently the owner of "The Angel Doll Company", who specializes in Silicone Doll Art.



The Covid Comfort Collection is Vee's expression of comfort during Covid 

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